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ADR provides tailored consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients, both public and private. 

Public Market

ADR assists public entities in delivering high quality projects for their constituencies by combining our skill in delivering projects with our ability to adeptly navigate the rules and regulations that empower and govern those entities.  

Municipal Market

From concept to completion to rehabilitation, ADR assists municipal clients with all stages of planning, constructing, and maintaining their infrastructure.  Our experts can provide planning, conditional assessment, funding assistance, detailed design of large capital projects, annual street, sidewalk and utility rehabilitation programs, and the construction stage inspection services to ensure the client’s needs are met. 

County Market

ADR understands that County projects can cover urban and rural environments, often in the same project. We are dedicated to providing a full suite of consulting, design, and construction services tailored to the needs of our specific County clients while striving to assist them in maintaining their good relationships with stakeholders such as Townships, Cities, and State Agencies. 

State Market

ADR has a track record of success across multiple state agencies, including frequent collaborations with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). We provide planning-level studies for future projects, design construction plans for park infrastructure, and state and interstate highways, and provide expert construction inspection and administration as needed.  We proudly maintain these ODOT prequalifications

ADR is dedicated to shaping sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure solutions for public and private use.

Private Market

Site development projects hinge on the timely development of permit-ready plans and the flexibility to make necessary changes to suit client needs.  With decades of experience in local and regional markets, ADR can assist you in bringing your project to life. 

Commercial Market

Whether your project is a multi-unit Planned Use Development (PUD) with centralized stormwater controls and public utilities, or a small single-unit office or retail space, ADR will match our expertise to your vision. We provide expert aid with concept layout development, navigating zoning codes and Planning Commissions, and readying and permitting construction plans for sites less than 1 acre or over 100. 

Residential Market

From large-scale single-family home site development to small-scale mixed-use urban high-density living, ADR has expertise with a wide variety of projects across varied terrain and varied regulators.  Our experts will assist at every stage of the projects, from site verification to concept development, through permitting, and into construction plan completion, and beyond. 

Industrial Market

Industrial sites look to maximize efficiency in square footage and minimize infrastructure expense.  ADR is familiar with the mechanics and cost of mass earthwork, centralized and decentralized stormwater management controls, and placing large buildings and parking areas in a limited envelope. 



Museums, churches, schools, and other institutions have unique stakeholder populations and unique goals.  ADR has a history of successful partnerships in this space because of our dedication to adopting our client’s vision as our own and seeing their challenges as they see them.

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