Heath Airport Storage

Heath Airport Storage

Location: Heath, OH

The development of the Heath Airport Storage facility began a number of years ago.  In 2016 the development was expanded from traditional self-storage units adding a number of upscale mini-warehouse and office buildings. Most recently in 2023, plans were completed to add 2 additional buildings to complete the development.  In addition to the additional buildings, the existing retention received upgrades to meet the latest stormwater regulations.

Armstrong Steel Ceilings, Johnstown, OH

Armstrong Steel Ceilings

Location: Johnstown, OH

ADR was selected to team with Project Architecture/Project Construction Company in a design-build effort for a 70,000 square foot expansion of Armstrong World Industries – Steel Ceiling Division located in Johnstown, Ohio.  The site as previously constructed had no provision for stormwater management, therefore additional improvements were necessary to accommodate both existing and proposed stormwater including the addition of two stormwater basins joined by an equalization pipe to maximize the developable area.In addition to the stormwater improvements, site access was a major concern of the owner. Semi-truck access and loading docks, both recessed and above-grad dock were added and isolated from employee parking and building access.

Blue Label Packaging, Lancaster, OH

Blue Label Packaging

Location: Lancaster, OH

In the rapidly growing and creative industry of craft beer, Blue Label Packaging is a hidden secret to the success of some of the most recognizable brands in the industry. With dynamic processes and superior quality, the label on your favorite brew tells its story. Blue Label Packaging in Lancaster, Ohio brings those stories to life.To prepare for future growth, a multi-phase master plan was developed to ensures sustainable expansion opportunities for the combined warehouse and office headquarters.  The initial expansion in 2021 allowed for a 22,500 square foot addition to the existing warehousing facility while providing utility, fire access, and stormwater expandability.In 2022, Blue Label planned for the construction of an addition to house new offices, lounge and breakout spaces, a corridor, lobby, break room, and a new front entrance to encourage the welcoming nature of this Ohio company. To match the innovative solutions the Blue Label Packaging offers, a creative and scenic stormwater approach was provided to provide an artistic solution to blend with the architectural design of the building.

Buckeye Shooting Center Location: Newark, OH Client: Zack Bryner

Buckeye Shooting Center

Location: Newark, OH

Developed in 2019 and opened in the fall of 2021, Buckeye Shooting Center is a veteran-owned facility open to the public as well as partnering with local law enforcement agencies to provide training opportunities. The 15,000 sq. ft. facility constructed on approximately 2 acres in the City of Newark presented a number of drainage challenges as we discovered there was no suitable surface outlet and with space being a premium in a commercial setting.  With local knowledge of the area, ADR believed subsurface infiltration may be a possibility to handle stormwater management.  After sub-consulting Geotechnical Consultants Inc (GCI) to perform subsurface infiltration testing, it was confirmed the infiltration was a viable solution.  A detailed stormwater management plan was put in place to eliminate the need for a conventional detention basin allowing for the site development to be maximized. The designed infiltration system remains in excellent working condition with minimal routine maintenance detail in the operation & maintenance manual provided to the owner.

stemflex highlight paved


Location: Newark, OH -2023

In partnership with the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority, ADR was selected as a partner with JBA Architects to redevelop the building interior/exterior as well as site improvements of two former automotive dealerships across a 3.25-acre site in Newark, OH. With collaboration with city officials, it was determined that the nearly 1-acre reduction in impervious area would ultimately reduce the amount of stormwater controls needed for the redevelopment compared to a typical development. With local knowledge of the site, stormwater infiltration basins (dry wells) were utilized to reduce infrastructure significantly combined with surface drainage to eliminate the need for costly storm sewers.
Coordination with the architect was provided to confirm ADA access throughout the site as well as locating service door features and confirming turning movements within the site will be adequate for the future users expected.

Newark Pickleball Courts Site Improvement Plans - City of Newark, Ohio

Newark Pickleball Courts

Site Improvement Plans – City of Newark, Ohio

In collaboration with the City of Newark Parks Department and the Lou & Gib Reese Ice Arena, ADR teamed with Roberson Construction to develop site improvement plans for the initial installation of 8 pickleball courts, a seating area, and parking lot & drainage improvements to the existing ice arena to best incorporate the new pickleball facility. Recently, the variance was requested and approved to allow for the installation of site lighting within the current zoning district. Finally, the design of permanent restroom facilities to serve the courts is underway with construction expected in fall 2023.

coughlin ford pataskala

Coughlin Ford Store and Body Shop (2017)

Location: Jersey Twp. Licking Co., OH

This project included two new building sites with associated dealership inventory and service department parking for the Ford Store and customer service parking for the body shop.  The two buildings and parking lots were designed to be separate facilities with connectivity between the sites for better access to shared services.  This project also included overall site stormwater management for both buildings.  The location of the project is not currently served by public water or sewer.  Therefore, on-site wastewater treatment via individual mound systems for each building has been designed and approved by the local Health Dept.  Water service and treatment also have to be designed for public consumption and permitted by the Ohio EPA.  This project is under construction and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

Connor's Pass

Connor’s Pass Subdivision

Location: City of Newark, Licking County, OH

In conjunction with DR Horton, Steve Layman commissioned the 113-lot single-family residential subdivision along Horns Hill Road in the City of Newark.  The subdivision constructed in two phases, was designed with a number of entrances and spacing in mind to eliminate the need for initial turn lane improvements. Agreements between the city and developer were facilitated to allow for future improvements along Horns Hill Road, saving both parties involved during the construction of the subdivision. Curb & gutter roadway, public sewer & water, and stormwater management were designed to meet the City of Newark’s requirements.  Construction of Phase I was completed in 2022, with Phase II construction underway and expected to be completed spring of 2023.


FAI-CR9-01.60 SRTS – Pickerington

Location: City of Pickerington, Ohio

The SRTS-funded sidewalk improvements project designed in 2021 and completed in 2022 provides a sidewalk connection along Long Road & Columbus Street Pickerington Elementary School from State Route 256 (Hill Road). The half-mile sidewalk constructed within the public right-of-way was reviewed and inspected by the City of Pickerington for its acceptance for public use.  Along with the sidewalk and improved drive aprons installed to meet ADA requirements, the project included a mid-block crossing incorporating solar-powered rapid flash beacon warning signage.

rt 79

LIC-SR79-3.98, PID 108770

Location: Village of Buckeye Lake & ODOT District 5

ADR is prepared construction documents to replace two deficient bridges at the intersection of S.R. 79 & Mill Dam Rd with one single-span cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab bridge on new concrete abutments. The project included intersection improvements, traffic signal, lighting, sidewalk, crosswalks, curb ramps, and S.R. 79 boulevard stormwater drainage. The project also included preparation of R/W plans and R/W acquisition.


Havenwood Improvement Project

Franklin County Engineer

Based on ADR’s Feasibility and Planning Study, ADR prepared construction plans to improve Westport Road, Nationwide Blvd., Lincoln Park Court, and a section of Industrial Mile Road in Franklin Township and Prairie Township in Franklin County. The project included pavement design, curb and gutter, curb inlet reconstructions, sidewalks, and easements for sidewalks. Traffic was maintained using part-width construction and one-way traffic flow.  The project came in under budget, on time, and without any construction problems.

Irvingwick pedestrian bridge

Irving Wick Drive East Pedestrian Bridge Deck Replacement

Location: Licking Park District, Licking County

ADR designed, and prepared construction plans for the replacement of a deteriorated bridge deck on the pedestrian bridge over a tributary to the Licking River in Heath Ohio. 

Crossroads Church

Crossroad.TV Church

Location: City of Canal Winchester

This project was for the master plan and development of a 28-acre parcel located on Gender Road in the City of Canal Winchester.  The Church purchased this property to construct a new 58,000′ House of Worship that includes approximately 5.8 acres of parking lot.  Along with their development, the site included the development of a 5-acre out lot for a future commercial business, a major ~1300′ public roadway extension that includes a new bridge to connect Canal Street at Gender Road to a residential development behind their property.  A new 700′ public service road would also be part of the development for additional connectivity to the Church, out lot, and Gender Road, aiding in the positive flow of traffic in the area.  This development included overall stormwater management, a sanitary sewer extension to service the church and the out lot, and water main extensions along the two roadways for services and fire protection. 

Licking-County-bridge (1)

MRW-CR180-0.19, PID 97630 Part 3 (Dailey Rd.)

Location: Morrow Co. & ODOT District 6

This project consisted of replacing a 69′ single-span wrought iron thru truss bridge with a 24′ wide 74′ span prestressed non-composite box beam superstructure with integral abutments on 12″ cast-in-place reinforced concrete piles. 

moo moo

Moo Moo Car Wash

Location: City of Newark, Ohio and City of Heath, Ohio

ADR provided design services to Express Wash Systems for the construction of Moo Moo Express Car Wash sites in both the City of Newark and the City of Heath in Licking County.  The redevelopment site in Heath was required to maintain access to the neighboring Wendys location.  To accommodate the additional traffic demands, ADR designed a split lane entrance to both add turn lanes and maintain the existing monument sign. In the case of the Newark Site, ADR collaborated with multiple design professionals to provide accessibility to neighboring sites providing connection to the common access drive design by ADR as primary access to the car wash. 

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