At ADR we exercise our innovative design expertise and construction skills to merge function with economical solutions.


Our heavy/highway projects incorporate the needs of the community with the maximum-quality design/build services available. Using the latest technologies, our associates work with our clients to reach the optimal solution.

Hillside and embankment failures during the winter of 2005 damaged SR 513 in a number of locations throughout Noble County, including this location south of the community of Batesville. With the southbound lane already closed due to landslip movement, the Ohio Department of Transportation contracted with Shelly & Sands Inc. for emergency repairs. Shelly & Sands then retained ADR to provide design services for stabilizing and reconstructing the roadway.

This was a design-build project in the Roscoe Village area on the north side of Coshocton, Ohio. A hillside slip was threatening to force the closure of a local access road. Alan Stone Company performed the repair using ADR as the design engineer. The stabilization solution devised by ADR was a unique application of “dead-man” piles to provide anchor points for a traditional tied-back retaining wall. The repair consisted of 100 feet of concrete lagging wall with piling spaced five feet on center. This repair was designed and constructed in a timely manner allowing the opening of the road on schedule.


Our underground and utility engineering expertise covers the full gamut of state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques.

ADR provides storm water pollution prevention plans and inspection among other services to underground/utility contractors.

Commercial Building

One of the key factors to success in commercial projects is aligning with our clients’ business goals. To do this, we bring inventive and creative-thinking experts together to carve out the most innovative solutions.

ADR provided storm water pollution prevention and on-site wastewater treatment plans, sub-grade compaction inspections and many other services for this commercial building location in Newark, Ohio.