Public and Private Schools

ADR can provide a wide range of services for your district. We offer districts tailored services for a single project or for multi-site programs. School districts rely on ADR for our management approach, quality design, adherence to industry standards, and compliance to budgets and schedules.

The Licking Valley School District recently undertook the construction of a new elementary school. ADR worked with the school’s architect and school board to make the conceptual plan a reality. The design included mass grading of the rolling 25 acres, pavement and parking lot, entrance and bus parking and drop-off zones. The project also consisted of a detailed sanitary sewer pump station design capable of handling the projected flows from the school, and a water treatment facility. Another major part of was Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning.

The groundbreaking of Twin Oak Elementary in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, made innovative elementary instruction a reality for parents, teachers, and administrators. The design took advantage of the site’s topography, creating a single story appearance which transitions to two-story spaces in the rear. ADR provided Surveying; Site Grading / Earthwork Plans; Erosion & Sediment Control; Pavement Design; Drainage Design; Stormwater Management; Sanitary Sewer Design; Waterline Design; Turn Lane Design; Water Booster Station.