Bradshaw Avenue Rehabilitation

City of East Liverpool, Ohio

A street in critical need of repair, Bradshaw Avenue had multiple sinkholes open up in the months leading up to its rehabilitation due to aging waterline and poor pavement conditions. This project, once finished, will have installed nearly 1,700 feet of 8” waterline up the street at an average grade of roughly 8% for its entire length. The project features more than 500 linear feet of full-depth pavement reconstruction, and the pavement on the remainder of the project’s 2,600 foot length will be planed and overlaid, with areas marked by the engineer undercut and repaired. The project includes more than 1,300 linear feet of new storm sewer, with 11 drainage structures installed and 10 more repaired. Finally, nearly 30,000 square feet concrete walk will be removed and replaced to ADA specifications. ADR is providing full construction inspection and engineering services on this $1.6 million LPA project. Russ Krock is the Project Manager, Nick Mill the Project Engineer, and Mike Moreland is the on site Resident Project Representative. This project will be completely finished by November, 2011.

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